Partnerships at the heart of BFGoodrich's adventure

From the sand clouds of the Dakar to the dust of the BAJA 1000 and the exciting events of Red Bull, BFGoodrich is present at many sporting events around the world.
This extensive presence in the world of competition has been made possible by a number of key partnerships, highlighted here.


We were made for each other: The Dakar Rally is the most famous rally-raid race in the world. To claim victory at the infamous Dakar Rally, teams must dominate endless sand dunes and rocky terrain.

BFGoodrich Tyres is the official supplier of the Dakar Rally and we are proud winner of 18 ‘overall Dakar Rally’ victories with our tyres since 1993.

seb loeb testimonial


"The Dakar,  It’s a tough race for vehicle and driver.. We leave it to chance.. All the hard work is put in before the race so that we can meet any challenges the Dakar may throw at us."

Sebastien LOEB

dakar service center

Would you take part in the most extreme rally in the world? 

We had to. Precisely for this reason! 

We have not shied away from its challenges, each time different, since the Dakar has been held in several countries and continents: in Africa, South America and Saudi Arabia since 2020. The last editions on the Arabian Peninsula pushed us to improve our off-road tyres because of the abrasiveness of the terrain.  

During the competition we provide pit crews for all BFGoodrich vehicles. 

We live to the rhythm of this adventure, vibrating to the sound of the engines in sweat and enthusiasm. As each Dakar Rally draws to conclusion, and we pack up the BFGoodrich Tyres Service Center, we are always sad to see the end of the race, yet excited about the next edition of the Dakar Rally.


While we wait for the next Dakar there are other races to follow our passions. The Morocco Rally, for example, is also one of our partners.  

Formerly known as the "Atlas Rally", this was the very first rally to be held in Morocco along with the 1982 Paris-Agadir and BFGoodrich tyres won 17 victories. 

Most of the top rally drivers compete at Morocco Rally. Why? Because it is considered the best and final training opportunity before the Dakar Rally.

From the very start of the Rally, Drivers push their vehicles to the max raising clouds of dust. The environment is hot, the drivers are sweaty, but nobody minds at we look forward to getting our feet back on the sand and admiring the red sunset over the dunes in the evening. 

Here too, we help the drivers with technical assistance and provide off-road tyres, to help their vehicles the most extreme aspects of the race.


We definitely have a common DNA with Red Bull: we share a passion for extreme adventure and pushing the limits. Our partnership with Red Bull has been a natural fit, as together we push the boundaries of what is possible.

We are excited to partner with Red Bull at some of their events. In particular the spectacular "Red Bull Hardline", the acrobatic "Red Bull Cliff Diving", the "Red Bull Wake the City" and the very fun "Red Bull Soapbox" race. 

These extraordinary events, in which the participants outdo themselves, are broadcasted on Red Bull TV. Adrenaline rushes are guaranteed! 

2021 july hardline 0239

Credit : Amy Shore Photgraphy


BFGoodrich partnership across the Atlantic at the Mint 400, Baja 500 and Baja 1000 where we first won in 1986 and have won 31 consecutive times since.

Mint 400

In the desert areas of Nevada we experience new thrills every year at the Mint 400. There's always something exciting and magical about the vehicles roaring along and racing off-road, only to disappear in a cloud of sun-dried ochre terrain. 

Copyright: © BFGOODRICH 2021

Baja 500 and Baja 1000

Further south, on the Mexican peninsula of Baja California, we are present under a blazing sun for two wild rallies : the Baja 500 and the Baja 1000. 

The difference? The length of the rally course. 

The Baja 1000, nicknamed the "Wild West of motor sport", is a 1000 miles marathon that attracts the most daring drivers. More than 300 teams take part in this gruelling challenge. Remember that a lot of teams don’t actually finish the Baja 1000 so far a lot of teams, just finishing that rally makes you a winner.

Copyright: © BFGOODRICH 2021- Art Eugenio/Getsomephoto

Even at different lengths, both Baja races push the drivers to their limits and provide memorable experience for spectators. No wonder we leave with so many memories. 


For the World Surf League, the scenery and the elements change, but the spirit remains the same: the desire for adventure. 

It is no longer on arid land and miles of rocks that the competition takes place, but on giant waves, ready to wipeout the participants! The skill of the surfers, never ceasing to amaze us as they seemingly glide across the surf. 

BFGoodrich is thrilled to partner either WSL for these events.  

Credit : Mikey Wright


The historic success of BFGoodrich off-road tyres has provided the opportunity to pursue our passion for adventure though these partnerships.

Challenge after challenge, we have won over 240 titles in off-road championships over the years. 
Are the tyres that have enabled all these victories only for professional pilots? No! Most of them are the same as the ones you can fit on your 4x4.  

If you want to experience the same thrills, it's up to you now to create your own adventure with safe, high-performance off-road tyres! 

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