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Reviews By Google

Steve Hedge

Cant find a puncture after 2 visits but I have to top the tyre up every 3 to 4 days

Nehman Younas

Perfect service. Friendly staff who treat you well. Nice clean waiting room with refreshments.

Giannis Kastrinakis

Having visited few more other ATS centres in West Midlands, I find the one in Erdington by far the best and the friendliest. Staff were very supportive and detailed on defining and resolving the issue.

Gulfam Sukhera

Excellent service, staff are friendly and helpful.


I bought a Groupon voucher for an air-conditioning recharge and booked very easily over the phone for just a couple of days later. I was running about 10 mins late for my appointment, so I phoned ahead and they assured me it would not be an issue and thanked me for letting them know. Upon arrival, my phone was running out of power, so they gentleman at the desk kindly lent me a portable charger and cable to charge so that I would be able to show the voucher. I was a little flustered and they were very welcoming and friendly and told me to not worry about the voucher until the air-conditioning was done. I sat down and poured myself a cup of water, although they also had complimentary tea, coffee and hot chocolate available, as well as WiFi. While waiting and charging my phone, I noticed a young lady come in with 2 young children, a toddler and a 5 year old. The staff were very helpful and provided some toys for the children. The younger one was given a toy train, however the older one tried to take it away. The young lady was struggling a little so the gentleman at the desk very professionally found some crayons and a picture to colour in for the older to child to do, to distract her from the train. This was all while handling the young lady's transaction. The staff here are very helpful and extremely pleasant people. Once my car was done, the gentleman at the desk called me over. He was very glad that I managed to get to a good amount of phone charge, and very friendly. I also requested a price estimate for some other work, which was very reasonable, especially compared to the other estimate I received. Overall, I would definitely recommend this place, and I will most likely be returning here.
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