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Vincenzo Galgano

super quick service to my company car. Darren managed to squeeze me in and get 4 tyres replaced within a hour! such a great and efficient service.

Samir S

Pretty sure I reviewed this place poorly last year however cannot see my review, so here we go again... In a nutshell last year my MOT failed as apparently one of my bulbs was facing too high, which it wasn't, it was simply a slightly brighter bulb than the other one, which was purchased from Halfords. So I changed the bulb and returned a few days later for them to pass it. After not being happy with this at all as the technician couldn't diagnose that correctly I returned a year later (day of writing review) when I need to renew my MOT. I only opted to try these guys again because of how local they are to me and my bulb is now fine. However, I walk in, wait at the reception for 5-10 minutes to completely just feel like a lemon. No one even came to say something along the lines off "will be with you soon". So I left and went to another garage down the road by the pond roundabout. Will never waste my time again going here.

Ranti Mumzilla

Helpful staff, gave good advice on how to keep my tyres in good condition. Did the setting on my dashboard that I was struggling with. Wish I asked for the names of the 2 helpful guys!!

Ditti Khetia

The manager needs to learn the way he speaks to his customer, he comes across very rude and maybe has issue with ethnic minority. We have used this garage in past but with our last experience I don’t think we will use them, plenty of garages out there where we can take our business to, this review may not change anything however hope ATS can look into this and maybe retrain their staff especially Manager!!

Pawel Maluch

All good. Very good for MOT good details check and explain.
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