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Mark Maceachen

Great service from the guys here and very friendly. I had to change my booking twice due to work but they were totally fine about it. Had a warning light up for the screenwash and they topped it up too which was a nice touch. Thanks again.


Was told I needed rear shock absorbers replaced at a total cost of £395, otherwise my car would fail its MOT. Got a second and third opinion stating that they were fine. Car passed its MOT without having that work done. Also had wheel alignment done on the first visit, had to go back as it wasn't done correctly, and then had to take it elsewhere to be done correctly a week later. Had handbrake tightened, but within two weeks it was loose again (took it elsewhere and it's been fine for months now). Basically rip off

Deborah Anne McFadyen

Excellent customer service! I dealt with Donald at the Rutherglen branch, he was really helpful and friendly! I got a new exhaust today but I'll definitely go back for other repairs due to my experience today with Donald. Great price, great service! Thanks!!

Maxim Morozov

I had 4 new tires fitted and 2 wheels aligned by ATS Euromaster in Rutherglen Industrial Estate, Glasgow Road, G73 1TN. After I collected my car, a Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Traction Control (TRC) fault indicator lit up. I immediately returned to the garage and reported the fault to the mechanic. The mechanic denied that the fault had anything to do with the work they just carried out and told me to contact Citroen service. Also, in order to drive along a straight line I had to keep the steering wheel at a significant angle from the straight position which shows that the wheels alignment had not been done properly. ATS Euromaster agreed to redo wheels alignment (I had to return on another day). After this work the DSC/TRC fault indicator did not light up again, which demonstrates that the fault was caused by the poor work done previously. All this experience caused me unnecessary anxiety and great inconvenience. Luckily, I did not end up out of pocket. * * * My reaction to the reply by ATS Euromaster: In my review, I wrote that the problem had been fixed. I also had a phone call from ATS Euromaster and I told them that the problem had been fixed. Therefore I view their reply to my review as a formality. There has been no compensation for the stress I suffered and time lost.

Nick Morcos

Very polite and professional never even suggesting unnecessary work. Have always been satisfied with their service at a variety of locations.
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