The right tyres for road conditions

Climatic conditions and the state of the roads vary enormously over the course of a year. To guarantee driving pleasure and safety, BFGoodrich offers tyre ranges for each season and to match your driving habits.


In summer, when the temperatures of the road surface and tyre rubber soar, the rubber "flattens out" further on the asphalt. Vehicle handling becomes less precise, making it more difficult to keep under control.

BFGoodrich summer tyres are designed to prevent this phenomenon, thus guaranteeing your safety and providing driving pleasure throughout the summer period. We recommend fitting them as soon as temperatures settle above 7° C. You can then leave them on until the autumn.




Inversely, when temperatures drop below 7 °C, a summer tyre becomes less efficient. On cold, wet, snowy or icy roads, the rubber and tread of BFGoodrich winter tyres procure:

  • more grip,
  • excellent traction,
  • safer braking.

Therefore, no need to live at the North Pole to fit BFGoodrich winter tyres.





Already well established in the United States, the comprehensive BFGoodrich "All-Season" range, which is suitable for all types of vehicles (excluding commercial vehicles), is now available for European drivers.


The BFGoodrich All-Season range offers a compromise between summer tyre and winter tyre performance, making it an excellent alternative to switching between summer and winter tyres. It procures safety and good driving sensations in every season and for all driving conditions (in dry, wet and in snowy conditions).

  • Labelled C for wet grip, the All-Season range boasts an excellent level of safety.
  • 3PMSF-certified (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake), it provides good traction in the snow. These tyres can be used in European countries where the legislation requires winter tyres to be fitted during the winter period.
  • Simple and cost-effective! No more need to put money into two sets of tyres, no more need to swap them over twice a year, and no more need to store them somewhere.


"This range offers the best solution for all conditions. And above all, they preserve all your driving sensations! A vehicle equipped with All-Season tyres drives and handles completely normally!" (Damien Desse, tester at the Michelin Group).