Our conversion advice

Before doing any conversion on your vehicle, take a look at the guide below and try and follow our adivce:

Before doing any conversion on your vehicle, it is advised:

  • Ensure that any new tyre has a load index or speed index compatible with the performance of the vehicle (axle's highest load or highest speed),
  • Mount 4 identical tyres to obtain optimal performance on road and off road,
  • Have on any axle same kind of tyre :
    • same brand,
    • same dimension,
    • same use,
    • same structure,
    • same speed index
    • same load index
  • Check that the diameter, rim size and wheel offset are adapted to the replacment tyre.
  • Check with the vehicle manufacturer that clearances on the car are enough to facilitate the tyre and that it will not cause occur any mechanical issue.
  • Check that the tyre and wheel do not protude from the car.

Find possible conversions with our conversion guide .