The BFGoodrich® Offroad Centres Program highlights the excellence of our partner dealers. By the end of 2018, there will be 160 BFGoodrich® Offroad Centres across Europe.

What are BFgoodrich offroad centres ?

  • Dealers and enthusiasts, the favoured point of contact for every hardened off-road driver.
  • Experts who are recognized and rewarded by BFGoodrich® as specialists for our tyres. 
Offroad Centres

What do they deliver ?

  • Invaluable information and expert advice.
  • Insights and in-depht knowledge of BFGoodrich® products, plus news about the brand.
  • Local involvment in grass-root off-road events and exhibitions.
Offroad Centres

A european network

  • BFGoodrich® Offroad Centres are distinguished with a dedicated logo and specific sales tools.
  • They are located all over Europe and listed on the BFGoodrich® website.
Offroad Centres