DAKAR 2019

BFGoodrich® Good Project Dakar Edition: and the winner is…


…Sergio Samaniego! This 39 years old, Peruvian driver will get the chance to finally live the dream and compete in the Dakar!

Sergio has been driving for more than 25 years and is now the leader of the Renault Club Duster Peru. Since 2002, he’s been very dedicated to the organization of family trips across Peru and South America. His objective is to share his passion with others and offer them a chance to live a marvelous and unique adventure.

Humanitarian activities with Dusteros Sin Fronteras have also been a huge part of his activity as he travels to disaster-stricken areas to help people in need.

By competing in the Dakar, Sergio Samaniego hopes to represent the worldwide Club Duster community.

We wanted to know more about his passion for driving and his motivation for the Dakar.

A childhood dream:

Born in Huánuco Peru, young Sergio Samaniego would spend his time watching car races on TV. “I remember that what attracted my attention was the rallies and the TVE reports of the Dakar rally in Africa” he notes. Never would he have imagined he was going to be part of it one day.

When he was 16, his father taught him how to drive and ever since, he couldn’t get rid of the idea of being behind the wheel. Sergio’s father would take him on road trips, venturing and camping across the country. This is where it all started for him.

A few years ago” he tells us “I saw that I was close to achieving the dream and I could not find the way to start in the car races and the CDP Racing Team helped me to achieve it.”

A passion for sharing:

Fast-forward to his teen/young adult years, Sergio and his friends from college would organize camps. “I enjoyed introducing them to an adventurous life.” he says.

When forming the club duster peru, we moved the idea that all associates can participate in adventure trips, so we organized one by one and everything was growing, always with a lot of planning and security.

Every time we traveled, we worried about taking help to the most remote and needy towns in our routes.

So we created DUSTEROS SIN FRONTERAS and activated it every time there was a natural disaster and they were identified. We also clean beaches and organize Christmas activities for poor children. It is what we are most proud of.”

Ever since he started driving, Sergio has had many memorable experiences but one of the funniest he wanted to tell us about occurred on a rally:

Surely one of the funniest, I spend on the rally paths of the Inca when a herd of cows crossed the road and did not want to move. Right in an area with the sign of animals on the road with the drawing and cows. It seems that the animals believed that it was their zone and that no one would move them from there.”

When asked about his expectation for the Dakar, Sergio confides to us that the experience isn’t only his, but the one of the whole Club Duster Peru, who’s very supportive of him. He wants to represent them and thus take them all close to living the dream.

To live the Dakar and to run it is a dream come true”, he confesses, “to know the legends and share the fields of competence will be an honor.

That my family and my friends Dusteros from all over the world, feel that they will be in my heart during all the competition, it is a longing.

And our commitment is to achieve the best possible performance.”

We, at BFGoodrich® are very happy to give him to chance and the tools to finally live his dream and we wish him the very best!

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